"Santa's Special Helpers"

We could not have done it without these wonderful Helpers! Thank you, Editor Clarice Joos and Proofreader Wendy Janes!

Clarice Joos
I have been proofreading since childhood, helping my mother--a teacher--mark student papers.  My eagle eyes and gift for grammar have enhanced academic writings, corporate communications, blog and website content, and both fiction and non-fiction manuscripts. I received my bachelor’s degree from L.I.U.-Post, and worked in the market research field for many years, where I found that one of the responsibilities I enjoyed most was helping write and edit client communications.  When I left the corporate world, it was only natural to start doing professionally what I’d always excelled at…writing and editing.

I have worked with award-winning authors Inge Auerbacher http://www.ingeauerbacher.com/, Lori Verni-Fogarsi http://www.loritheauthor.com/, and Stefan Vucak http://stefanvucak.com/.  I have also written for several blogs, including Betty Confidential and The Unnatural Mother.  In addition to editing and writing (when the muse strikes), I also write and edit grants for a non-profit breast cancer organization http://rockingtheroadforacure.org/.

I live in Long Island, New York with my husband and two sons.  Whether I am editing my ski club’s monthly newsletter, helping the boys with homework or working on a client's project, I am always on the lookout for spelling errors and stray commas.

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Wendy Janes has been a professional freelance proofreader and copy editor for a range of traditional publishers since 2001. She originally trained as a teacher of English and Drama, and worked with children with special educational needs for a number of years.
During a personal foray into self-publishing in 2012 she discovered the excitement and camaraderie of the burgeoning indie sector, and recognised a huge need for indie and self-published books to be properly proofread. So she now offers her proofreading skills to authors at a heavily discounted rate, while continuing her work for traditional publishers.
She lives in London with her husband and youngest son…and yes, of course, like everyone else, she is currently writing a novel.
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